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Life Skills (Learning League)

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Giving Back
This episode also appears in the {{OBP|Science|Learning League}} section.
[[File:Pokemon learning league Giving Back 05-21-2009 06;29;52PM.jpg ‎]]
====Giving Back====
Ash and friends are walking when a girl with a sack full of dolls passes by. As she is walking, she is blissfully unaware that the dolls are falling out of her sack. They call for her, but she only notices when {{AP|Pikachu}} calls. She explains that the dolls are for a toy drive at the local children's hospital. The girl introduces herself as Lainea. She explains that her sister is currently staying at the hospital and that her favorite Pokémon is Pikachu. They meet the nurse and she introduces them to her. They wonder what they can do to help, so they call about Quinn and learn about volenteering and giving back to the community.