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X ゥ- xゥ,

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yarea=[[Mew glitch]] (special stat 196)|
===Base stats===
{{stats/GenI |
HP=132 |
Attack=145 |
Defense=140 |
Special=141 |
Speed=128 |
type=normal |
type2=Normal }}
===Type effectiveness===
====By [[Level|leveling up]]====
{{mlentry1|Start|Skull Bash|Normal|100|100|15||'''}}
*As it learns the HM technique as a starting move, and cannot be traded to any game containing a move deleter, X - x is unable to forget {{m|Flash}}. However, if obtained at Level 12 or higher, or traded from Yellow, it will not know Flash.
*X - x's physiological structure seems to enable it to create come kind of purple fog or haze when it appears in battle.