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In the anime
=In the anime=
[[Image:Brock-anime1.jpg|left|thumb|Brock in the original series]]
In the [[Pokémon anime|anime]], Brock is a [[Pokémon breeder]] who is a close friend and travellingtraveling companion of [[Ash Ketchum|Ash]]. His Japanese voice actor is うえだゆうじ ''[[Yūji Ueda]]'', and his English voice actors are [[Eric Stuart]] ([[EP005]]-[[AG145]], 4Kids dub) and [[Bill Rogers]] ([[AG146]] onwards in the Pokémon USA/TAJ Productions dub). He originally trained [[Rock (type)|Rock-type]] [[Pokémon]], but has, since the beginning of the anime, diversified. He makes scrumptious [[Pokémon food]], and he hits on every pretty girl he meets, particularly [[Officer Jenny]] and [[Nurse Joy]]- both of whom he sings about in the [[Pokémon Karaokémon]] song ''[[Two Perfect Girls]]''. He also sings the ending theme タケシのパラダイス ''[[Takeshi's Paradise]]'', which is about pretty girls.
Brock's most notable feature about his appearance is that his eyes naturally appear closed. The rare times we see them open are when they are forced open unnaturally: from a hit with [[Ash's Charizard|Charmander]]'s {{m|Flamethrower}} in ''[[EP032|The Ninja Poké-Showdown]]'', when being hit in the back of the head by [[Jessie's Arbok|Arbok's]] tail in ''[[EP050|Who Gets to Keep Togepi?]]'', and when he makes a face for {{p|Larvitar}} in ''[[EP260|A Crowning Achievement]]''. He also has tan skin, notably darker than the skin of any other major character in the series. Because of these traits, there is a heated debate about what race Brock is, as many think he may be black, Latino, or Asian. Not counting temporary outfits, he has worn three different outfits over the span of the anime, all of which have had the colors orange, green, and brown in them.
Brock always carries books and maps with him, and thus is usually the character who knows where the group is headed and what they can do when they get there, though starting with [[Advanced Generation]] this role was mostly taken over by the [[PokéNav]]. He also carries a lot of other supplies, such as [[potion]]s and cookware; in ''[[EP009|The School of Hard Knocks]]'', the unnaturally large capacity of his [[bag]] was demonstrated, as he pulled out a table and full tea set out of his backpack. He is a domestic, and grooms not only his Pokémon but also those of his friends with whom he travels. He handles all the cooking and the cleaning, due to both his experience and talent with it and the fact that other characters show little to no ability in those areas.
Despite this, all his maturity and rationality leaves him completely at the sight of a beautiful woman, as he falls in love with every pretty girl he meets. Brock has a desperate need for female companionship which grows worse as he continuously fails to gain it. He will do anything and everything he thinks will impress women, which inevitably ends with his heart being broken every time. A few women have shown interest in him as well, such as [[Wilhemina]] and [[Lucy]], but most either do not notice or care about him or are scared away by his forwardness. No matter how many times he is disappointed, though, Brock remains optimisitcoptimistic that he will one day find a girl to start a relationship with, and has indicated several times he would stop travellingtraveling with Ash and stay with the girl if this happened.
[[Image:TakeshiDP.png|left|thumb|Brock in the Diamond and Pearl series]]
He had a peculiar childhood and family life. His father, [[Flint]], left home to become a great [[Pokémon trainer|trainer]]. When he never returned, his mother, [[Lola]], left them as well, leaving Brock to take care of his siblings by himself (though the English version of ''[[EP005|Showdown in Pewter City]]'' has Flint claim she died, and some speculate he was lying). However, Flint eventually returned home considering himself a failure, and instead of returning to his family he donned a disguise and sold rocks as souvenierssouvenirs at the edge of town. After Brock awarded Ash the Boulderbadge, Flint came forward and confessed who he was. Flint took on the responsibilities of the Pewter Gym and his family, leaving Brock free to journey with Ash and [[Misty]].
Brock only became the Gym Leader because he felt it was his responsibility, and he admitted to Ash that he would rather care for Pokémon than battle them. It is his dream to become a great breeder, and when Flint took back control of the Gym, Brock was allowed to start following this dream. Most notably, he took care of a [[Brock's Vulpix|Vulpix]] that belonged to a breeder named [[Susie]]. Shortly before Vulpix was returned, Brock used it in a Pokémon beauty contest.
Brock briefly left the show during the [[Pokémon: The Adventures in the Orange Islands|Orange Islands saga]] to work for [[Professor Ivy]] on [[Valencia Island]] and so is only seen in a couple of cameos in the [[Pokémon 2000|second movie]]. While there, something happened that will probably remain secret as Brock will only huddle and say "that name" whenever he is asked about it. (Brock does mention his work for her in ''[[Destiny Deoxys]]'', though this is again dub added.) After this incident, Brock returned to Kanto where he was found by [[Delia Ketchum]], who helped him to regain his strength. Brock then became a rival to [[Mimey]] until he rejoined Ash and Misty as the three travelledtraveled to [[Johto]].
Upon his return home after journeying through Johto, Brock was dismayed to find that his mother had returned and commandeered the gym, turning the Rock-type haven into a brightly decorated {{t|Water}}-type den. Brock battled her for the honor of Rock-types and won, promising his brother [[Forest]] that he would become Gym Leader someday.
After that, Brock continued to follow Ash through [[Hoenn]], along with their new friends [[May]] and [[Max]], and then through Kanto again as Ash took on the [[Battle Frontier]]. He left extremely briefly when the Advanced Generation dissolved to visit his home, and is now travellingtraveling with Ash and [[Hikari]] in [[Shin'ōSinnoh]].
Brock is among the longest-lived main characters in the anime, only being absent from the Orange Islands season and thus ranked under only the permanent characters of Ash, [[Ash's Pikachu|Pikachu]], [[Jessie]], [[James]], and [[Meowth (Team Rocket)|Meowth]]. Because of this, some fans believe he is too worn-out as a character and should be removed from the cast as soon as possible. Others believe he has established himself as a permanent character, and do not see him being removed from the cast any time in the near future.