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[[Image:Raiden.jpg|thumb|Raiden]]'''Raiden''' (Japanese: '''ライデン''' ''Raiden'') is a [[character of the day]] from the {{pkmn|anime}} who appeared in ''[[EP194|Ring Masters]]''. He is voiced by 小西克幸 ''[[Katsuyuki Konishi]]'' in Japanese and by [[Dan Green]] in English.
He was once a {{pkmn|Trainer}} like {{Ash}} who was [[Pokémon {{pkmn|training]]}} for the [[Silver Conference|Johto League]], until he came across [[Rikishii Town]] and gained interest in the [[Sumo Conference|sumo competition]].
While traveling through [[Johto]], Ash and {{ashfr|his friends}} met Raiden in Rikishii Town. He was the current champion of the town's sumo competition, and was entering again to defend his title. Ash entered the competition as well with his {{AP|Snorlax}}.