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Finally being able to travel [[Mt. Moon]], Dixie, Jakkaru and Jaxx got the opportunity to be seeing [[Clefairy]] and [[Clefable]], both, performing their [[Moon Stone]] 'ritual' of sorts. After the sight of what was going on, Dixie had a close encounter with a [[Zubat]] that the Pikachu that the three of them helped out knocked out with a well balanced Thunderbolt attack. After this, and Dixie being the person that she is, she caught the Zubat and nicknamed him Suono. Though Dixie's new Pikachu friend didn't agree with this sentiment, he ended up joining her in the rest of her travels anyways and soon earned the nickname of Sparks.
With the new additions to her team, Dixie had gon under training with Jakkaru and Jaxx both. This helped her with creating new tactics with her Pokémon and got her prepped for battling [[Misty]] of the [[Cerulean Gym]]. Having gone through the training, Dixie was able to win the match by using Scout, the hat obsessed [[Sentret]], and Sparks.
(Work in Progress)
===Pokémon=Throughout the Regions==
This is a listing of Dixie's Pokémon. Since they are often switched around so that she can keep the attention given to them equal, there is no real 'on hand' that she has that's constant other than Zalaras, her shiny [[Charizard]].