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Jaxx reluctantly agreed to traveling with the younger girl. They both soon wound up in Viridian City after a couple of hours of traveling and had met up with a younger Pokémon collector by the name of Jakkaru Korekuta. The girl had offered them to be staying at her place for the night. Dixie and Jaxx obliged to this and soon rested up. During the night, Dixie had gotten into a rather unsettling talk with Jaxx that had caused them to be not talking with one another for most of the next day. Though that day was real uneventful, Jakkaru had decided she wanted to travel alongside them and Dixie had okay'd it.
Having traveled to Pewter City, the trio had the opportunity to be seeing [[Moltres]] flying overhead. Counting it as a blessing, Dixie continued with her two new friends and headed headstrong to the [[Pewter Gym]] with both Jakkaru and Jaxx aiding her when she needed it. With their help and after a trial and error match with [[Forrest]], Dixie was able to pull through and defeat her very first Gym Battle. With her new [[badge]] in tow, Dixie and both Jakkaru and Jaxx went on their way to be going to [[Cerulean City]].
On the way to Cerulean, Dixie and company got stopped by a [[Pikachu]] with an injured tail. Shortly after the encounter with the Pikachu, the trio had come to meeting the person who claimed that the electrical rodent was his Pokémon. Having a firm stance on what she was going to do, Dixie had taken the advice of what Jakkaru and Jaxx had told her to do and ran off with the Pikachu secure in her hold as her two friends battled the mysterious man. As soon as Dixie got a safe distance away, she had stumbled and had the Pikachu fall from her grasp.
The man had come to her for the Pikachu and had even threatened her. However, no matter how much the man did, Dixie showed honest signs of not knowing where the Pikachu ran off to when he got the chance. Also... even though Jakkaru and Jaxx had lost and held up somewhat, Jaxx had come up and defended her to get her away from the man. As the preteens had confronted the man, he had come to the ralization that Dixie really didn't have any clue as to where the electric-type Pokémon had run off to and had left, swearing that it wasn't the last that they had seen of him.
Finally being able to travel [[Mt. Moon]], Dixie, Jakkaru and Jaxx got the opportunity to be seeing [[Clefairy]] and [[Clefable]], both, performing their [[Moon Stone]] 'ritual' of sorts. After the sight of what was going on, Dixie had a close encounter with a [[Zubat]] that the Pikachu that the three of them helped out knocked out with a well balanced Thunderbolt attack. After this, and Dixie being the person that she is, she caught the Zubat and nicknamed him Suono. Though Dixie's new Pikachu friend didn't agree with this sentiment, he ended up joining her in the rest of her travels anyways and soon earned the nickname of Sparks.
==Search of Peace==
(WorkThree inyears Progress)had passed since 'Talk About Imbalance', and now Dixie is fourteen years of age. She had been staying with her parents during that time, mulling about her memories of her travels with her friends, Jaxx and Jakkaru.
==The Last Stand==