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==Talk About Imbalance==
Talk About Imbalance is features the first appearence of Dixie Tucker as she begins her journey through the Kanto region. She had started the journey by sneaking out of her Aunt's house early in the morning to be getting to [[Professor Oak]]'s laboratory to be getting her own starter. It was then that she had run into someone her age by the name of Jaxx Meola. After the two had gotten semi acquainted, Dixie had immediately chosen [[Charmander]] as her starter as Jaxx went over and chose [[Squirtle]]. Getting their starters, Dixie had asked Jaxx if it was okay for the two of them to be traveling with one another -- at least until they reached Fuschia, Jaxx's home city.
Jaxx reluctantly agreed to traveling with the younger girl. They both soon wound up in Viridian City after a couple of hours of traveling and had met up with a younger Pokémon collector by the name of Jakkaru Korekuta. The girl had offered them to be staying at her place for the night. Dixie and Jaxx obliged to this and soon rested up. During the night, Dixie had gotten into a rather unsettling talk with Jaxx that had caused them to be not talking with one another for most of the next day. Though that day was real uneventful, Jakkaru had decided she wanted to travel alongside them and Dixie had okay'd it.
Having traveled to Pewter City, the trio had the opportunity to be seeing [[Moltres]] flying overhead. Counting it as a blessing, Dixie continued with her two new friends and headed headstrong to the [[Pewter Gym]] with both Jakkaru and Jaxx aiding her when she needed it. With their help and after a trial and error match with [[Forrest]], Dixie was able to pull through and defeat her very first Gym Battle.
This is a listing of Dixie's Pokémon in Talk About Imbalance.
{|border="1" style="border: 1px solid #000; border-collapse: collapse;" width=300px cellspacing="0"
| align=center colspan=2| [[Image:Spr 4d 004 s.png]] &rarr; [[Image:Spr 4d 005 s.png]] &rarr; [[Image:DixiesCharizard.png]]<br>Zalaras<br>
| align=center colspan=2| [[Image:228-f.png]] &rarr; [[Image:229-f.png]]<br>Lysane<br>
| align=center colspan=2| [[Image:161.png]] &rarr; [[Image:162.png]]<br>Scout<br>
| align=center colspan=2| [[Image:016.png]] &rarr; [[Image:017.png]] &rarr; [[Image:018.png]]<br>Picka<br>
| align=center | [[Image:DixiesEevee.png]]<br>Mickie<br>
| align=center | [[Image:Spr 4h 025 m.png]]<br>Sparks<br>
==Search of Peace==