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==Testing templates==
While making a new template or a new revision of an existing template, it is often better to put it in a user subpage (make an article at User:<yourname>/<pagename>) until it is ready and approved. If creating a test page in your userspace, mind [[Bulbapedia:the {{bp|userspace policy]]}}.
To test your subpage template creation with actual use, you can post it at the [[Bulbapedia:Sandbox|Bulbapedia Sandbox]], just by adding <nowiki>{{User:<yourname>/<pagename>|</nowiki>''test parameters''}} to the page. This will transclude your page as if it was a template, despite not being in the template namespace.
If a template was recently updated, but pages which use it do not update to reflect the change, the specific pages can be forced to update their transcluded pages by performing "null edits" hard- clickingrefreshing the "Edit this page" button and saving without making any changesserver. IfThis thiscan doesbe notdone updateby the use ofclicking the templateUTC on the page, there is probably a bugclock in the template,top andof '''more null edits should not beyour performed'''screen.
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