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Generation IV
In Diamond and Pearl a single [[Lava Cookie]] is given to the player as a reward for finding the Suite Key of a lady at Valor Lakefront. In Platinum she gives the player a [[White Flute]], and states how it is only found in the Hoenn region.
On [[Route 223{{rt|route 223]]}} a [[Swimmer]] states that he wonders what the sea is like in places like the [[Kanto]] and [[Hoenn]] regions.
On {{rt|225}} there is a [[Bird Keeper]] that mentions how she was born in the Hoenn region, and only recently flew to the [[Battle Zone]].
One of the trainers in the [[Seven Stars Restaurant]] comments on how their meal is prepared with a spicy sauce in Hoenn style made from grated [[Cheri Berry|Cheri Berries]].