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Japanese quotes
In the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}} when James watches Jessie participate in events under an assumed name, he keeps forgetting to call her by her fake name, and instead calls her Jessie before correcting himself. This could be taken as meaning he cares more about watching her participate than the current plan Team Rocket is up to. As of the latest episode in Japan, no one has noticed James make this slip up.
Also in the Diamond and Pearl series, he has stated on occasion how proud of her he is. It should be noted that Jessie has not been around when he has said this, and that the dub has not kept these lines.
* ''[[EP016|Pokémon Shipwreck]]''
: When it looked like Jessie and James were going to die, James says to Jessie "Someone, who said that beautiful people are destined to have a sad fate, must have meant us." implying that he thinks Jessie is beautiful.
* ''[[EP056|The Ultimate Test]]''
: After Jessie is expelled from the test, James says in a determined voice that he'll do his best for her.
: Up until this episode, James has never liked Jessie using his Pokémon in Contests, mostly due to her mistreatment of {{TP|James|Chimecho}}. He now has no problem with it (most likely due to the fact Jessie has treated all his Pokemon very well since, and she is doing well in them) and even told {{TP|James|Mime Jr.}} that's he counting on it and Jessie's third ribbon depends on it.
* ''[[DP146]]''
: Jessie starts to faint and James catches her, helps her stand up, and holds on to her as he tries to walk her back to bed. He has a sweet smile on his face as he does this. MeotwhMeowth says Jessie should rest, and James says in a very caring and sweet tone that "That would be best." Later, James disguises himself as Jessalina in order to win Jessie her third ribbon. The fact that James wins a contest on his first try shows how much he wanted Jessie to have her third ribbon.
====Shared hints====
: James wants the others to leave him behind, but Jessie tells him they'll go across together. James looks touched. They hug and say how they'll never forget each other.
* ''[[EP020|The Ghost of Maiden's Peak]]''
: When the [[Ghost of Maiden's Peak|ghost]] is dragging James away and he cries that he doesn't want to gobe separated from her, Jessie pulls out a bazooka and shoots the ghost. When James smiles at her with watery eyes and says her name adoringly, she says, "Don't get the wrong idea!" and attempts to hide the fact that she did it for his sake.
* ''[[EP048|Holy Matrimony!]]''
: At the end of the episode, Jessie is upset that James might have left to marry his fiance and inherit his money, but then he appears in their Meowth balloon and picks her up. James goes on to tell her he'd rather have his freedom with Team Rocket rather than money. They then smile and stare into each others eyes. They completely forget to pick up {{MTR}}.
: Jessie and James are hugging each other throughout most of the movie.
* ''[[The Power of One]]''
: Meowth says thatto Jessie and James act"But loveyyou doveytwo allare theburning timewith love for each other!" causing Jessie and James to get upset and blush. A few minutes later they are seen hugging each other.
* ''[[Lucario and the Mystery of Mew]]''
: Jessie and James are seen holding onto each other after they are freed from the leukocytes.