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:{{redirect|Kaede|for the Japanese name of a participant in the [[Ever Grande Conference]]|Katie}}
[[File:Allergicrocket.jpg|thumb|right|Kaede with Erika]]'''Kaede''' ('''カエデ''') is a member of [[Team Rocket]] in the manga series ''[[How I Became a Pokémon Card]]''. Her Pokémon is a {{p|Gloom}} (referred to as a "Dark Gloom", as the series is based off of the [[Pokémon TCG]]); however, Kaede has severe allergies to flowers, and so perhaps a [[Grass (type){{type2|Grass-type]]}} isn't right for her.
One of Kaede's childhood friends is [[Erika]], who is oblivious to Kaede's allergies. In addition, Erika doesn't seem to notice that her friend is an operative for Team Rocket.