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Ash is excited that he might run into Ho-Oh, but Brandon doesn't want them to follow. Ash reveals that he won six Battle Frontier symbols and runs off. Brandon and the others pursue Ash. Meanwhile, Team Rocket finds a {{p|Smoochum}} statue and sets off a boulder trap similar to the one Ash set off.
Ash runs into the door leading into the king’s chamber, and he manages to get inside. However, the others cannot follow as quickly. Brandon tries to find the mechanism that opens the king's chamber. Inside the king’s chamber, Ash finds the king's throne, with the stone orb shaped like a pokeball[[Poké Ball]] resting on it. Thinking Ho-ohOh is inside, he grabs the orb and holds the it above his head. Brandon gets the door open and they get inside. Brandon tries to get Ash to set the orb down, but the orb activates. A dark voice chants a spell as dark energy envelopes Ash, causing him to fall to his knees. The others rush to him, and Ash starts to laugh, but it sounds deeper...
Team Rocket encounters a door, and {{MTR}} looks into the keyhole, seeing a bird silhouette. They think its Ho-Oh and open it, setting off a {{p|Pidgey}}.