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I'm getting conflicting info regarding the title of this song, but the most reliable one says it's called "Please". If someone finds any official confirmation regarding the title, please let me know.
'''Please''' (also known as '''Read My Mind''' and '''Who am I Inside?''') is a song that appeared in a scene in the dub of ''[[AG109|Do I Hear a Ralts?]]'', when [[Max]] was taking {{TP|Max|Ralts}} to the [[Pokémon Center]]. The song was performed by [[Eric Stuart]]. In the original Japanese version of the episode, ''[[Smile]]'' was used for this scene.

''<ab>Who am I inside?
The one who'll cry
Or is it the one that I hide?
Time to decide
It's time I try
And I won't be denied
It's time for me to show you
Now I know that I'm gonna break through
Please try to read my mind
Then you'll see
Please then you'll find me by
The real me
Who am I inside?
Read my mind</ab>''

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