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'''Ferma''' (Japanese: '''スーラ''' ''Seurat'') is a [[Miror B.Peon]]. In [[Pokémon Colosseum]], she is never seen without [[Reath]], withas her. Thethe two always partner together. They are first seen in a cinema sequence, where they are with Miror B., who exits and leaves [[Miror B.'s Hideout|Pyrite Building]] in their guard. [[Wes]] arrives at the building and defeats Reath. Ferma is also defeated, and her shadow {{p|Mantine}} is also snagged. This saves [[Silva]] who was previously being held captive by the two women, from them.
They show up again in a jail cell in [[Pyrite Town]], resulting in [[Folly]] and [[Trudly]] moving to separate cells nearby. Once Wes gets the Jail Key, he can steal the Elevator Key from Reath, who is lying on the cell's bed, asleep.