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Anime section
Why don't wee just make [[Dialga (anime)]] and [[Palkia (anime)]] to the main sections of the anijme versions of {{p|Dialga}} and {{p|Palkia}}? it is impossible to have multiple creators and rulers of time and space, aswell as mutliple [[Arceus (Pokémon)|multiple creators]] of the {{pkmn|universe}}. [[User:Pokémon Lover King Mario|Pokémon Lover King Mario]] 09:22, 3 October 2009 (UTC)
:<span class="plainlinks">[ Reply.]</span> '''[[Team Rocket|<small><span style="color: #550000;">R.A.</span></small>]] [[User:Rocket Admin Hunter Blade|<small><font color="#FF2400">Hunter</font></small>]] [[User Talk:Rocket Admin Hunter Blade|<small><font color="#FF2400">Blade</font></small>]]''' 22:39, 5 October 2009 (UTC)