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[[Image:Egg_case.PNG|thumb|right|100px||An Egg case]]
An '''Egg case''' is an {{pkmn|anime}}-exclusive item where individual [[Pokémon egg]]s are usually kept in. Egg cases are like incubators as they protect the egg inside from harm. It is small and compact. The glass container is cylindrical in shape, it has a pillow-like blanket at the bottom where the egg sits, and a yellow lid. It has a [[Poké Ball]] on the handle the top for putting the newly hatched Pokémon in.
Examples in the anime were when ash received an egg and it hatched into a phanpy [[Ash%27s_Donphan]]. Mayhad an egg that was in a case and it hatched into an eevee.[[May%27s_Glaceon]]
{{an|Manaphy}} had a different egg case: the container was filled with water, had a gray top and bottom, and a light with a switch.
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