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Parasect (Pokémon)

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* Parasect is one of the few Pokémon not in the [[Sinnoh Pokédex]] that has different [[Pokédex]] entries in {{2v2|Diamond|Pearl}}.
*Paras, Parasect, and {{p|Wormadam}} in its Plant Cloak are the only {{type2|Bug}}s that also take super-effective damage from Bug attacks, due to their part {{t|Grass}} typing.
* Parasect's colors on its {{shiny2}} sprite resembles its pre-evolution's colors.
There are many forms of fungus that grow on insects, any one of which could have inspired Parasect's design, like the ''entomophthora muscae'', which grows on the back of the common {{wp|housefly}}. Its base insect is a distorted version of what is probably a cicada nymph, the parasetic fungi having caused a form of {{wp|neoteny}}.