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Paras (Pokémon)

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*Paras and {{p|Parasect}} share the same [[species]] name with {{p|Shroomish}} and {{p|Breloom}}. They are all known as Mushroom Pokémon.
*Paras, Parasect, and {{p|Wormadam}} in its Plant cloak are the only {{type2|Bug}}s that also take super-effective damage from Bug attacks, due to their part {{t|Grass}} typing.
* Paras' colors on its {{shiny2}} sprite resembles its evolution's colors.
There are many forms of fungus that grow on insects, any one of which could have inspired Paras's design, like the ''{{wp|Entomophthora muscae}}'', which grows on the back of the common {{wp|housefly}}. As for the insect itself, it bears a resemblance to a cicada larva, more so than {{p|Nincada}}.