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Kouichi Ooyama

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[[Image:Kouichi_Ooyama_photo.JPG|thumb|Kouichi Ooyama]]
'''Kouichi Ooyama''', (Japanese: '''大山 功一''' ''Ōyama Kōichi'') born 1960, is one of the original game designers of the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]]. He also worked on [[wp:EarthBound|Mother 2EarthBound]] as an art director, graphic designer, and game designer.
He made a cameo in [[Pokémon Card GB]] as a Pokémon Card researcher, Dr. Ooyama ([[Dr. Mason]] in the English version of the game). Dr. Ooyama looks like Ooyama, but with grey hair, a lab coat, and a Pokémon Card attached to his head. Kouichi Ooyama has appeared at the [[Tropical Mega Battle]] in costume as Dr. Ooyama.