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Hey Bud
Just warning ya, caps are not yelling. There just cruise control for cool.
:Ive got a couple of reccomendations. First, install spell check. I know you have dyslexia, but thats not an excuse. SCOTT ADAMS IS DYSLEXIC AND MUTE AND WRITES A DAILY COMIC! LEONARDO DAVINCI HAD DYSLEXIA! install spell check. Two, contribute more to the mainspace. Not for the pot to call the kettle black, but you HAVE to contribute to the mainspace, and your contributions have to be good if you want to be a good user here. Thirdly, DONT SPEND ALL YOUR TIME ON THE USER TALK! This is not facebook or myspace, nor will it ever be. Thank you for this. If you have any questions just go to my page and leave a comment. After editing a good chunk, of course.--[[User:DCM|<font color="#FF1111">DCM</font>]]<sub>[[User talk:DCM|((<font color="#DAA520">Shut the **** up</font>]]</sub><sub>[[Special:Contributions/DCM|<font color="#C0C0C0">Spy on My Edits</font>))]]</sub>
== Team Budew ==
You are the new "chairman"! You'll need this:
===<font color="green">Team Budew</font>=== <b>Status</b>: <span style="text-decoration:blink; color:#FF0000">Open</span><br> <b>Goal</b>: For the group of new users to devote themselves in helping others, using teamwork, to do better<br><br> 1-4 months: Lv. 1-{{p|Budew}}<br> 5-8 months: Lv. 2-{{p|Roselia}}<br> 9-11 months: Lv. 3-{{p|Roserade}}<br> 1 year and up: Graduation<br><br> * {{u|GoldsWigglytuff}}-{{p|Roserade}} Start date: 10 October, 2008 * {{u|GuyNamedSean}}-{{p|Roserade}} Start date: 28 November, 2008 * {{u|Smartkidhen}}-{{p|Roserade}} Start date: 7 November, 2008 * {{u|Frostagin}}-{{p|Budew}} Start date: 14 April, 2009
I know nothing about how that works :D '''The''' ''[[User:GuyNamedSean|GuyNamedSean]], [[User Talk:GuyNamedSean|yep, that's '''me'''!]]'' 03:57, 24 September 2009 (UTC)
== Congrats ==