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Team Budew
I have so far made the following themed teams: Psychic, Pichu Bros., Pichu Friends, Meowth's Crew (from Pokémon Channel), Fire, Evil, Water, Grass, Ultimate Kanto, Ground, Flying, Ghost, Nido, [[Zero]], [[Ash]], Fighting, Poison, Psychic2, Bug, and, of course, [[Gary Oak]]!!!
== Team Budew ==
===<font color="green">Team Budew</font>=== <b>Status</b>: <span style="text-decoration:blink; color:#FF0000">Open</span><br> <b>Goal</b>: For the group of new users to devote themselves in helping others, using teamwork, to do better<br><br> 1-4 months: Lv. 1-{{p|Budew}}<br> 5-8 months: Lv. 2-{{p|Roselia}}<br> 9-11 months: Lv. 3-{{p|Roserade}}<br> 1 year and up: Graduation<br><br> * {{u|GoldsWigglytuff}}-{{p|Roserade}} Start date: 10 October, 2008 * {{u|GuyNamedSean}}-{{p|Roserade}} Start date: 28 November, 2008 * {{u|Smartkidhen}}-{{p|Roserade}} Start date: 7 November, 2008 * {{u|Frostagin}}-{{p|Budew}} Start date: 14 April, 2009