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'''Carrie''' (Japanese: '''オクル''' ''Okuru'') is a little girl who appears in the [[Generation II]] {{pkmn|games}}. She is a frequent visitor of the [[Goldenrod Department Store]], and loves to [[Mystery Gift]] with people. She appears in {{g|Stadium 2}} to Mystery Gift with the {{player}} through the [[Transfer Pak]].
As with any user of Mystery Gift, she will appear in [[Viridian City]]'s [[Trainer House]] if she was the last person the player used Mystery Gift with. Also, as with any character battled in the Trainer House, her sprite will appear as that of {{ga|Gold}}'s {{2v2|Gold|Silver}} sprite (including in [[Pokémon Crystal Version|Crystal]], which uses a different sprite for Gold himself).
She will use one of three teams of six Pokémon each. There is no set pattern to which team she will use. Regardless of which team she uses to battle, she will give out {{PDollar}}5000 for winning the battle.