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Hi, I'm RocketZee. My real name is Olivia. Zee is my own fan-made character, who I have put into my own fan-made manga. I loved Pokémon the moment I saw it and also fell in love with the world of anime and manga. I am a fan of Team Rocket and I wish they could one day capture an awesome Pokémon for the Boss! When the advanced generation series was off the air I was upset and went onto other anime, but when I heard of the games: Diamond and Pearl, I immediatly wanted one, hoping my brother would get the other! Eventually when the Diamond&Pearl series started airing on CITV I wasn't sure about wether I wanted to watch it. I started watching the series after it ran through at least once already and was once again hooked on it dying down my then-obssession with Naruto. One day I hope to become a mangaka and maybe an anime of it will be produced. I also like other anime and manga such as Naruto, Digimon, Beyblade, School Rumble, Fruits Basket, Hayate the Combat Butler, When Cicadas Cry and Tokyo Mew Mew, Hetalia, Cardcaptors and Tsubasa.
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===About Me===
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{{User Country|175|England}}
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{{User Brown Hair|BlueHGSSSpr HGSS Blue}}
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{{User Single}}
{{User Birthday|November 4}}
{{User Age|1516|315116|60}}
{{User Astrology|Scorpio}}
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{{User Insomnia}}
{{User Phobia|015.png|Apiphobia|bees}}
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{{User Loves|GaryOakGary Oak DP.png|50|Gary Oak|GaryOakGary Oak}}
{{User Loves|AshWallaceAsh Wallace Cup.png|50|Ash Ketchum|Ash Ketchum}}
{{User Loves|Red SpecialAdventures.png|50|Red|Red}}
{{User Loves|Barry anime.png|50|Barry|Barry}}
{{User Loves|James BW anime.png|50|James|James}}
{{User Favorite Gym Leader|VSBlue|Blue|ground}}
{{User Favorite Gym Leader|VSMisty|Misty|water}}
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{{User Platinum}}
{{User Starter|393|Piplup}}
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{{User Starter|258|Mudkip}}
{{User Want|HeartGold}}
{{User Champion|R}}
{{User Manaphy}}
{{User Shaymin}}
* The only main-series game released in Europe Olivia and her brotherbother do notboth own is {{Gamegame|EmeraldCrystal}}.
**Olivia's andlasted herthe botherlongest bothout ownof {{gameall their [[Generation 2|Crystal}}Gen II]] games, losing it's battery life in April 2009.
***OliviaThe morning she discoved that Crystal had lost it's lastedsaved thedata, longestshe outcaught ofan all thier{{p|Eevee}} in [[GenerationMr. 2Backlot|GenMr. IIBacklot's]] [[Trophy games,Garden|Garden]] in {{game|Pearl}} and losingnicknamed it's batteryEEVOLUTION lifeafter inher April{{p|Umbreon}} in 2009Crystal.
****TheThis morningEevee shealso discovedevolved thatinto CrystalUmbreon hadand lostwas it'salso savedthe data,second she caught an {{p|Eevee}} inthat [[Mr.she Backlot|Mr.had Backlot's]] [[Trophy Garden|Garden]]caught in {{game|Pearl}} and nicknamed it EEVOLUTION after her {{p|Umbreon}} inthe Crystalgames.
*****This{{p|Espeon}} Eeveewas alsoher evolvedgiven intoEevee Umbreonin Crystal and {{p|Leafeon}} was alsoher the secondgiven Eevee that she had caught in the gamesPearl.
******{{p|Espeon}} was her given Eevee in Crystal and {{p|Leafeon}} was her given Eevee in Pearl.
* She cloned her {{p|Quilava}} and {{p|Noctowl}} in {{game|Gold}} due to her friend telling her of {{g|Cloning|the glitch}}.
**She only evolved one of her Quilava
* Her first Pokémon ({{p|Pikachu}} from {{game|Yellow}}) is nicknamed PIKEY. and is her only Lv 100 Pokémon any game.
**Her only other starterstarters with anicknames nickname isare her {{p|Piplup}} called Pip (in Pearl) calledand PipEmperte (in Platinum).
*** She named the {{player}} for both of these games OLIVIA, although in Yellow it had a full stop after the name like her Pikachu. This was because she did not completly understand how to enter the name.
**** When she traded it to Gold she found out it was female and bred it with {{p|Ditto}} to get a baby {{p|Pichu}} which was named L.PIKEY. (L stands for LITTLE).
* In {{game|Platinum}} she is nick-naming all her Pokémon after their Japanese names.
**Her rival is named Jun after the {{an|Barry|anime character's}} Japanese name.
* She did not properly name her {{ga|Silver|rival}} in Crystal, instead made his name ???, he is called ClueClueClue when she says his name out loud and says he can also be called QuestionMarkQuestionMarkQuestionMark.
* She rarely uses lower case when nicknaming her Pokémon and never uses it when naming the player character.
* In Yellow version Olivia says that the player character is a girl in desguise of a boy to explain why she is called OLIVIA..
** Coincidently {{special|Yellow}} from [[Pokémon Special]] desguises herself as a boy.