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**Perhaps coincidentally, neither of these Pokémon's new evolutions are available in HeartGold and SoulSilver until after the National Dex is obtained, as their evolution methods require certain forces external to the Pokémon (rather than knowing a [[move]], as the five new Johto Dex additions do).
*Silver is the only [[rival]] to start with a [[starter Pokémon]] whose final team does not include the three starter [[Elemental type|types]] ({{t|Grass}}, {{t|Water}}, and {{t|Fire}}) or differ at all aside from the starter itself.
*In terms of personality, Silver is the darkest of the rivals in the series. While most other rivals are generally good-natured, Silver is (at first) cruel, hateful, power-obsessed and even physically abusive, pushing the {{player}} character around several times.
*Silver is the only rival in the games to have stolen their starter.