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{{main|Cianwood City}}
The Cianwood City Pharmacy is a small pharmacy located in [[Cianwood City]], [[Johto]]. It is over 500 years old and it sells a variety of rare goods. The Cianwood City Pharmacy sells remedies exclusive to the town. [[Jasmine]] will ask the player to fetch [[Amphy|her Ampharos]] some [[SecretPotion|medicine]] from there. After giving Jasmine the medicine, players can return to the Pharmacy to find that Potions and Full Heals are in stock.
===Two Island Market Stall===
{{main|Two Island (town)}}
[[Two Island (town)|Two Island]], rather than having a Poké Mart, has a market stall that sells special items. Similar to the Poké Marts in {{3v2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}}, the variety of items increases with each advancement into the story. After beating the [[Kanto Elite Four]], certain items originating in Johto and Hoenn are available. Notably, the stall is mentioned as selling [[Rage Candy Bar]]s (here spelled Rage Candybar), though they never in stock in-game.
===Celestic Town Shop===