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'''RockRocco''' (Japanese: '''ロック''' ''Rock'') is a main character in the [[Phantom Thief! Pokémon 7]] {{pkmn|manga}}. He considers himself a mysterious thief and is [[Hiori|Pokémon 7's]] self-proclaimed [[rival]]. He likes to call himself "Rock-sama", in the original version which can be seen as reflecting his proud and stuck-up nature.
RockRocco first arrived in town attempting to rid the town of a such a hypocritical mysterious thief as that of Pokémon 7; however, despite their earlier conflict, he grudgingly teams up with his rival to save a Pokémon Thief from [[Team Galactic]]. Later he is shown to have a crush on [[Hiori]]'s sister, Lily. This spurns him into assisting Hiori in her rescue. He refers to her as "Lily-chan", to which [[Hiori]] questions.