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{{samename|the area in in [[Pokémon Snap]]|Pokémon Island Cave}}
{{samename|area in [[PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure]]|Cavern Zone}}
{{samename|island in the [[Decolore Islands]]|Cave Island}}
[[File:FL Rock Tunnel.png|thumb|240px|The entrance to a cave in {{incompletegame|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}]]
'''Caves'''[[File:Early areRed darkand areas in theRhydon sketch.jpg|thumb|240px|[[PokémonKen gamesSugimori]].'s They[[Capsule tendMonsters|concept to have Pokémonsketch]] of the {{tga|RockRed}}- andexploring {{type2|Ground}}s,a like {{p|Geodude}}. They also have Pokémon based on animals that live in caves, like {{p|Zubat}}cave.]]
A '''cave''' is an underground area. Caves tend to have {{t|Rock}}- and {{type|Ground}} Pokémon, although {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} based on cave-dwelling specimens such as {{p|Zubat}} may also be found.
==ListCaves ofcan Cavesbe found in every region of the Pokémon World==world. They serve as roadblocks: travelers cannot reach their destination without passing through. Often, these caves are dark and it is impossible to see even a few feet ahead; this problem can be remedied through use of the move {{m|Flash}}. They are almost always winding and maze-like, making it easy to get lost. Villainous teams such as [[Team Magma]] and [[Team Aqua]] make their hideouts in isolated caves.
*[[Mt. Moon]]
*[[Rock Tunnel]]
*[[Victory Road (Kanto)]]
In the {{stubpkmn|Locationgames}}, the encounter rate is typically quite high. All caves contain [[cave tile]]s, and often [[water tile]]s; caves also contain [[ice tile]]s, [[sand tile]]s, {{DL|Hole|cracked tile}}s, [[hole]]s, [[ledge]]s and [[puddle]]s. Often, rare Pokémon can be found in caves. Items can also be found within the depths of caves, presumably dropped in the darkness by other travelers. Some caves contain [[Legendary Pokémon]] at their deepest point.
[[Category:Pokémon world]]
==In battle==
In Generation III, cave terrain gives {{m|Secret Power}} a 30% chance of causing the target to {{status|flinch}} and gives it the appearance of {{m|Bite}}; it causes {{m|Nature Power}} to become {{m|Shadow Ball}}.
In Generation IV and Generation V, cave terrain gives {{m|Secret Power}} a 30% chance of causing the target to {{status|flinch}} and gives it the appearance of {{m|Rock Throw}}; it causes {{m|Nature Power}} to become {{m|Rock Slide}}.
In Generation VI and VII, cave terrain gives {{m|Secret Power}} a 30% chance of causing the target to {{status|flinch}} and gives it the appearance of {{m|Rock Throw}}; it causes {{m|Nature Power}} to become {{m|Power Gem}}.
{{m|Camouflage}} makes the user {{type|Rock}} when used in a cave.
==List of caves in the Pokémon world==
===In the [[core series]]===
* [[Cerulean Cave]]
* [[Diglett's Cave]]
* [[Mt. Moon]]
* [[Rock Tunnel]]
* [[Seafoam Islands]]
* {{ka|Victory Road}}
====[[Sevii Islands]]====
* [[Altering Cave]]
* [[Icefall Cave]]
* [[Lost Cave]]
* [[Cliff Cave]]
* [[Cliff Edge Gate]]
* [[Dark Cave]]
* [[Dragon's Den]]
* [[Ice Path]]
* [[Mt. Mortar]]
* [[Mt. Silver]]
* [[Slowpoke Well]]
* [[Union Cave]]
* [[Whirl Islands]]
* [[Artisan Cave]]
* [[Altering Cave]]
* [[Cave of Origin]]
* [[Desert Underpass]]
* [[Fabled Cave]]
* [[Fiery Path]]
* [[Gnarled Den]]
* [[Granite Cave]]
* [[Marine Cave]]
* [[Meteor Falls]]
* [[Mirage Caves]]
* [[Nameless Cavern]]
* [[Rusturf Tunnel]]
* [[Scorched Slab]]
* [[Seafloor Cavern]]
* [[Shoal Cave]]
* [[Terra Cave]]
* {{ho|Victory Road}}
* [[Iron Island]]
* [[Maniac Tunnel]]
* [[Mt. Coronet]]
* [[Oreburgh Gate]]
* [[Oreburgh Mine]]
* {{pw|Quiet Cave}}
* [[Ravaged Path]]
* [[Stark Mountain]]
* [[The Underground]]
* [[Turnback Cave]]
* [[Wayward Cave]]
* {{si|Victory Road}}
* [[Cave of Being]]
* [[Challenger's Cave]]
* [[Chargestone Cave]]
* [[Clay Tunnel]]
* [[Giant Chasm]]
* [[Mistralton Cave]]
* [[Relic Passage]]
* [[Reversal Mountain]]
* [[Seaside Cave]]
* [[Twist Mountain]]
* [[Victory Road (Black and White)]]
* [[Victory Road (Black 2 and White 2)]]
* [[Wellspring Cave]]
* [[Connecting Cave]]
* [[Frost Cavern]]
* [[Glittering Cave]]
* [[Reflection Cave]]
* [[Sea Spirit's Den]]
* [[Terminus Cave]]
* {{kal|Victory Road}}
* [[Diglett's Tunnel]]
* [[Mount Lanakila]]
* [[Resolution Cave]]
* [[Seaward Cave]]
* [[Ten Carat Hill]]
* [[Verdant Cavern]]
===In the [[Spin-off Pokémon games|spin-off series]]===
*[[Cave Poké Spot]]
*[[Citadark Isle]]
*[[Mt. Battle]]
*[[Pyrite Cave]]
*[[Relic Cave]]
*[[The Under]]
====[[Pokémon world (Mystery Dungeon)|Mystery Dungeon world]]====
=====[[Mystery Dungeon|Dungeons]]=====
*[[Aegis Cave]]
*[[Beach Cave]]
*[[Brine Cave]]
*[[Cave of the Deep]]
*[[Cave of Training]]
*[[Craggy Coast]]
*[[Chasm Cave]]
*[[Crystal Cave]]
*[[Crystal Crossing]]
*[[Crevice Cave]]
*[[Dark Crater]]
*[[Drenched Bluff]]
*[[Drilbur Coal Mine]]
*[[Eastern Cave]]
*[[Final Maze]]
*[[Flagstone Cave]]
*[[Forest Grotto]]
*[[Fortune Ravine]]
*[[Gentle Slope Cave]]
*[[Hazy Pass]]
*[[Inferno Cave]]
*[[Labyrinth Cave]]
*[[Landslide Cave]]
*[[Lapis Cave]]
*[[Limestone Cavern]]
*[[Longfield Cave]]
*[[Magma Cavern]]
*[[Magma Cavern Pit]]
*[[Meteor Cave]]
*[[Moonlit Cave]]
*[[Murky Cave]]
*[[Oddity Cave]]
*[[Purifying Cave]]
*[[Rough Tunnel]]
*{{OBP|Rock Path|Red and Blue Rescue Team}}
*{{OBP|Sandy Cave|Mystery Dungeon}}
*[[Slumbering Cave]]
*[[Snow Path]]
*[[Snowy Cave]]
*[[Solar Cave]]
*[[Southern Cavern]]
*[[Spring Cave]]
*[[Star Cave]]
*[[Stealth Cavern]]
*[[Stompstump Peak]]
*[[Submerged Cave]]
*[[Telluric Path]]
*[[Tempting Path]]
*[[Thunderwave Cave]]
*[[Waterfall Basin Grotto]]
*[[Waterfall Cave]]
*[[Western Cave]]
*[[Wish Cave]]
=====[[Friend Area]]s=====
*{{fa|Boulder Cave}}
*{{fa|Cryptic Cave}}
*{{fa|Dragon Cave}}
*{{fa|Echo Cave}}
*{{fa|Seafloor Cave}}
*[[Makuhita Dojo]]
*[[Marowak Dojo]]
*[[Krokka Tunnel]]
*[[Panula Cave]]
*[[Chroma Ruins]]
*[[Crysta Cave]]
*{{ra|Marine Cave}}
*[[Volcano Cave]]
*[[Rasp Cavern]]
*{{pw|Dim Cave}}
*[[Pokémon Island Cave]]
*[[Rocky Cave]]
*{{pw|Scary Cave}}
==In other languages==
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