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Happy Mask Man is a Pokémon fan who tries to assure that Bulbapedia appreciates things that go unnoticed. He is a trivia enthusiast, and tries to make sure that the facts of different continuities to not get jumbled with each other. His main focus would be the [[Pokémon games|video games]] and the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game|trading card game]]. He is trying to help [[Bulbapedia:Project TCGDex|Project TCGDex]] in its great revival, and is working on a better format for articles on cards. Another project of his is putting together matters of [[Pokémon Card GB]] and [[Pokémon Card GB 2|its sequel]]. He's not too good at making articles, but he can put the information together.

Happy Mask Man is also a big fan of [[Mr. Fuji]].