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List of alternately colored Pokémon in the anime

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{{trainerpkmn|note=|main=no||Rhyhorn|{{rock color}}|EP088.png|Rhyhorn was one of many pink Pokémon that lived on [[Pinkan Island]] were the special [[Pinkan Berry]] grew. In the episode ''[[EP088|In The Pink]]'', {{Tracey}} took the time to observe this rare Rhyhorn and drew pictures of it. Ash upset it by approaching it and it ended up charging off a cliff. They eventually saved it with the help of [[Officer Jenny]].}}
{{trainerpkmn|note=|main=no||Nidoking|{{poison color}}|Pink Nidoking.pngjpg|Nidoking was one of many pink Pokémon that lived on [[Pinkan Island]]. In the episode ''[[EP088|In The Pink]]'', Nidoking attacked [[Team Rocket]] after they tried to capture a pink {{p|Nidoran ♂}} and {{p|Nidoran ♀}}. Officer Jenny was able to subdue it by wrangling it with her jeep and tying it up with a rope.}}
{{trainerpkmn|note=|main=yes|Ash|Noctowl|{{flying color}}|Ash's Noctowl.png|Noctowl was the very first shiny Pokémon to appear in the anime. In ''[[EP154|Fowl Play!]]'', [[Dr. Wiseman]] was trying to capture this Noctowl using traps rather than [[Poké Ball]]s, but each time Noctowl outwitted him and escaped the traps — usually leaving him hypnotized in the process. After Ash rescued it from [[Team Rocket]], Ash had {{AP|Pikachu}} battle it and he captured it, adding it to his team.}}