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|location=[[Lavender Town]]
|generation={{Gen|I}}, {{Gen|III}}, Radio Tower ({{Gen|II}}, {{Gen|IV}})
|map=Lavender Town.png
==Differences among Generations==
In [[Generation II]] and [[Generation IV|IV]] only, the tower was converted into a Radio Tower, broadcasting music and radio programs, including the [[Poké Flute]] channel, to the radios and [[PokéGear]] of Kanto. Unlike the [[Johto Radio Tower]] in [[Goldenrod City]], only one floor, the ground floor, is open to the public as a result of [[Team Rocket]]'s infiltration of the Goldenrod tower. It is also interesting to note that the stairs in [[Generation II]] lead down into a basement instead of up into the tower, but the player is blocked by a guard.
After restoring power to Kanto by fixing the generator at the [[Power Plant]], trainers can receive the [[EXPN Card]] from the manager of the tower, allowing [[PokéGear]]s to tune into the Poké Flute channel, which can be used to move {{p|Snorlax}} from its slumber in front of [[Diglett's Cave]] in [[Vermilion City]].