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[[Image:NiceCard.jpg|thumb|right|Pikachu recieving a Nice Card]]
'''Nice Cards''' are a collectible item in the [[Pokémon Channel]] video game. They are essentially collectible cards. There are two types of Nice Cards: moving cards (which have holograms on them) and normal cards. Nice Cards can be obtained by the player by recieving them from Pokémon met in the game, or they can order them in booster packs from the Shop 'N Squirtle channel. There are 101 different Nice Cards in total.
* {{p|Bulbasaur}}
* {{p|Charmander}}
* {{p|Squirtle}}
* {{p|Caterpie}}
* {{p|Butterfree}}
* {{p|Lanturn}}
* {{p|Cleffa}}
* {{p|Igglybuff}}
* {{p|Togepi}}
* {{p|Natu}}