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Misty's Togetic

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* Before Misty hatched her {{TP|Misty|Azurill}}, Togetic was the only Pokémon she owned that was not of the {{type2|Water}}. However, {{p|Azurill}} evolves into a Water-type Pokémon.
* Togetic is the first anime Pokémon hatched from an egg that could evolve twice (the second being {{AP|Larvitar}}), though it was not able to do so when it was last seen (due to {{p|Togekiss}} not being revealed until Generation IV).
* It is currently the only Pokémon that officially belonged to a main character despite never having been placed in a Poké Ball.
* Togetic is so far the only [[walking Pokémon|out-of-Ball Pokémon]] in the anime that has evolved.
* Rumors are spreading that Togetic probably evolved into a Togekiss.
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