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Also in the Diamond and Pearl series, he has stated on occasion how proud of her he is. It should be noted that Jessie has not been around when he has said this, and that the dub has not kept these lines.
* ''[[EP035|The Legend of Dratini]]''
: When [[Kaiser]] starts shooting at Team Rocket, James smiles and tells Jessie to trust him, then grabs her by the waist and jumps off the roof to what he believed to be to safety. After they land, their parachute falls on top of them and they scramble to get out of it. During this, Jessie says "Where do you think you're touching?!" implying that James is doing more than simply trying to get out of the parachute.
* ''[[EP052|Princess vs. Princess]]
: After losing to [[Misty]] in the Princess Festival Contest, James hold Jessie's hands and tries to cheer her up by giving her a Team Rocket version of the doll set she wanted.