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Non-Shadow moves
In every other game, ???-type offensive moves, although none exist, can be hacked in. Because they're not programmed to be either [[Stat#Attack|Physical]] or [[Stat#Special Attack|Special]], even with a base power of 255 (the highest that the game allows), the move will do almost no damage.
In additon, although the actual type for the moves {{m|Hidden Power}} and {{m|Judgment}} varies, both appear as {{type2|Normal}} moves rather than {{type2|???}} moves. Note however, that as the [[signature move]] of {{p|Arceus}}, the [[Elemental types|type]] for Judgment depends on the type of [[plate]] held by the user, acting as ana {{type2|Normal}} [[move]] if no plate is held. Thus, the {{type2|Normal}}, and not the ???-type, could be thought of as the unspecialized "default" type. This re-emphasizes the possbility that Curse is considered a ???-type move for its mysterious nature rather than for its different forms when used by Pokémon of different types.