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Kabutops (Pokémon)

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* In [[Generation I]], Kabutops had a large diamond shaped plate on its back that was replaced in [[Generation II]] by a horn-like extension of its head.
* Kabutops may be the ancient form of Syther, as they both have blades as hands.
* Kabutops' shiny colours are SytherScyther's normal colours.
Similarly to how {{p|Kabuto}} is based on {{wp|horseshoe crab}}s, it resembles {{wp|eurypterid}}s, prehistoric arthropods which hunted in seas and rivers and are believed to have been related to modern horseshoe crabs. The large head is also identical to the cephlon in trilobites and the spines down the back resemble thoracic sections in trilobites, though the scythes and predatory nature much more closely resemble eurypterids.