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In other languages
* French: '''{{tt|Une terrible prophétie|A terrible prophecy}}'''
* German. '''{{tt|Die Xatu und die Zukunft|The Xatu and the future}}'''
* Hebrew: '''לחזות את העתיד''' ''{{tt|lakhzot et he'atid|predicting the future}}''
* Italian: '''{{tt|Vedo e prevedo|To see and foresee}}'''
* LatinPortuguese American Spanish(Brazilian): '''{{tt|¡Xatu, yo el futuro!Vidente|Xatu and, the future!Seer}}'''
* Iberian Spanish: '''{{tt|Xatu, el futuro|Xatu, the future}}'''
** BrazilianIberian PortugueseSpanish: '''{{tt|Xatu, oel Videntefuturo|Xatu, the Seerfuture}}'''
** Latin American Spanish: '''{{tt|¡Xatu y el futuro!|Xatu and the future!}}'''