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Villa furniture

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We've got sprites now, guys. Well, most of them.
{{vdec|decor=Table|price=0|desc=The table's subtle curves accentuate its distinctive presence.|sprite=Table}}
{{vdec|decor=Big Sofa|price=120,000|desc=A big sofa with a wonderful sense of presence.|sprite=Big_Sofa}}
{{vdec|decor=Small Sofa|price=90,000|desc=A smaller sofa with a wonderful sense of presence.|notes={{ga|Lucas}}/{{ga|Dawn}} visits when this is purchased.|sprite=Small_Sofa}}
{{vdec|decor=Bed|price=187,000|desc=A canopied bed for deep, relaxing sleep.|sprite=Bed}}
{{vdec|decor=Night Table|price=140,000|desc=A small night table for the bedside.|sprite=Night_Table}}
{{vdec|decor=TV|price=220,000|desc=(Acts as a normal TV.)|sprite=TV}}
{{vdec|decor=Audio System|price=160,000|desc=An audio system that maximally draws out the charms of music.|notes=Plays a remix of "[[Lilycove City]]" when examined.|sprite=Audio_System}}
{{vdec|decor=Bookshelf|price=150,000|desc=The shelves are lined with books left by Prof. Rowan.|notes=[[Professor Rowan]] visits when this is purchased.|sprite=Bookshelf}}
{{vdec|decor=Rack|price=127,000|desc=An enchanting rack without anything on it.|sprite=Rack}}
{{vdec|decor=Houseplant|price=120,000|desc=All houseplants give off the fragrance of life.|notes=[[Gardenia]] visits when this is purchased.|sprite=Houseplant}}
{{vdec|decor=PC Desk|price=168,000|desc=A thin-bodied PC made for the design conscious.|sprite=PC_Desk}}
{{vdec|decor=Music Box|price=50,000|desc=A handmade music box with a soothing melody.|notes=Plays a remix of "[[Twinleaf Town]]" when examined until the player closes the description window. The remix slowly runs down like a music box.|avl=Purchase the Rack.|sprite=Music Box}}
{{vdec|decor=Piano|price=146,700|desc=Even playing a simple scale will tell you this is a special piano.|notes=Plays "Champion Cynthia" when examined.<br>[[Cynthia]] visits when this is purchased.|avl=Defeat the [[Elite Four]] ten times.|sprite=Piano}}
{{vdec|decor=Pokémon Bust|price=150,000|desc=An almost lifelike Pokémon statue. It would be nice to have a pair.|avl=Bust 1: Battle at each Battle Frontier facility at least once<br />Bust 2: Obtain at least one Silver Print}}
{{vdec|decor=Guest Set|price=208,000|desc=A guest set that exemplifies the meaning of comfort.|avl=Defeat 50 {{pkmn|Trainer}}s at the [[Battleground]].}}