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Legendary beasts

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* Currently, {{p|Suicune}} is the only one of the three to appear in the [[Sinnoh]] region in the {{pkmn|anime}}.
* Interestingly, the initials for the three beasts are the same as the initials for the three Hoenn-based games, {{3v2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}}.
* Even though they are often referred to as the legendary dogs, {{p|Suicune}}, {{p|Raikou}}, and {{p|Entei}} are modeled on cats: {{p|Entei}} is based on a {{wp|lion}}, {{p|Raikou}} is based on a {{wp|tiger}}, and {{p|Suicune}} is based on a {{wp|cheetah}}.
{{Legendary trios}}