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Weedle (Pokémon)

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* Up until {{pkmn|Platinum}}, Weedle was completely incapable of dealing damage to {{type2|Steel}} Pokémon outside of {{m|Struggle}}. This was because Weedle could only learn {{m|Poison Sting}}, which Steel-types are immune to. In Platinum, Weedle can learn {{m|Bug Bite}}. However, Steel-types still resist moves of {{t|Bug|its type}}.
*Weedle, along with {{p|Caterpie}} and {{p|Wurmple}}, evolves at level 7, the lowest set level in the games (though Pokémon that evolve by level up with another method can evolve as low as level 2).
* Weedle's {{3v2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}} Pokédex entry describe its red proboscis. However, its Sugimori artwork and anime appearances show it to be purple, like its shiny forms.
Weedle appears to be based on a larva, the baby form of a bee.