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Haircut brothers

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As the name suggests, the brothers give a single Pokémon a haircut that increases the [[Happiness]] of the Pokémon, once per day. Using the services of the brothers is useful for evolving Pokémon that require a certain amount of Happiness to evolve, such as {{p|Togepi}} or {{p|Eevee}}.
The younger of the Haircut brothers is cheaper at $300, but his service is often less satisfactory. However, the younger brother has a chance of occasionally increasing a Pokémon's Happiness to a greater degree than the older brother is capable. The Older brother is more reliable but more expensive at $500.
==Happiness Affectedness==
You can see how haircuts have affected a pokemon's happiness in the comments given by either barbar after the haircut:
*'''[Pokemon name] looks a little happy''': Very slight increase in happiness.
*'''[Pokemon name] looks happy!''': Bit of increase in happiness of pokemon (About twice as much as previous comment.)
*'''[Pokemon name] looks delighted!''': Large increse in Happiness,(2x as much as previous comment for Older brother,3x for younger brother)