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Drowsy Guy

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In the second game, he can be found at the top of [[Altru Tower]], just in front of the [[The King of Almia and the Three Princes#Shadow Crystal|Luminous Crystal]]. He allows the player to fight {{p|Darkrai}} once again and this time, players are allowed to bring as many friend Pokémon as possible.
== Trivia ==
*Though he was clearly created to supply a logical reason why the player should be able to battle the final boss once again, the player has the ability to defeat the [[Elite Four]] countless times in the main series without any reference from anybody implying that he or her had already become the [[Champion]].
*His design and choice of Pokémon seems to mirror the [[Abra]] man in [[GSC]] and [[HGSS]], as they are both old men carrying [[Psychic-type]] Pokémon who utilize said Pokémon's power; in the case of Abra, it has the ability to [[Teleport]] the player back from [[Indigo Plateau]], where in the case of Drowzee, it has the ability to lull the player to sleep and into the dream world.