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'''TAJ Productions''' wasis an American company involved in the dubbing and recording of voices for the {{g|anime}}. Its current president is Larry Juris.
TAJ was the original dubbing company to work with [[4Kids Entertainment]] on the anime back in 1997. They recorded at several different locations until around 2004,when 4Kids built their own audio base.
TAJ once again gained responsiblityresponsibility for the dubbing in 2006, after 4Kids gave up their license for dubbing and distribution. {{PUSA}} used TAJ Productions as the recording studio for the dub.
On January 2, 2008 is was revealed by Larry Juris (TAJ President) that TAJ Productions would no longer be working on the show and Pokémon USA hired [[DuArt|a new company]] to work on the show. A couple days later [[Sarah Natochenny]] herself confirmed this.As of 2008 the studio has disbanded and no longer records voices for programs or vidoegamesvideo games.
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