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That's it. Really.
== Pokémon I hate the most ==
*[[Bidoof (Pokémon)|Bidoof]] - It will NEVER be as awesome as Magikarp.*
*[[Azumarill (Pokémon)|Azumarill]] - How dare they make Marill evolve into this thing!
I== probablyPokémon won'tGames edit much, just spelling errors andI theOwn like.==
But,*[[Pokémon if you ask me, a person who fixes spelling and grammar is more crucial than the one who adds a chunkload of info.Red]]
*[[Pokémon Yellow]]
I'll*[[Pokémon finishStadium the Userpage later.2]]
*[[Pokémon Gold]]
*[[Pokémon Crystal]]
*[[Pokémon Ruby]]
*[[Pokémon Emerald]]
*[[Pokémon FireRed]]
*[[Pokémon Diamond]]