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Massive Team Changes
|Poke3={{p|PsyduckHippowdon}} ({{p|Golduck}} in Platinum)
|LV3=Lv. 100
|G3=(♀ Pearl) (♂ Platinum)G3♂
|HI3=[[Sea Incense]]
|M3P3={{m|Rock Smash?}}
|LV4=Lv. 100
|M1P4={{m|Shadow Punch?}}
|M2P4={{m|Shadow Sneak?}}
|M3P4={{m|Giga Impact?}}
|M4P4={{m|Fire Blast?}}
|LV5=Lv. 100
|G5=( Pearl) (♂ Platinum)
|HI5=[[Cleanse Tag]]
|LV6=Lv. 100
|HI6=[[Focus Sash]]
|M2P6={{m|Energy BallEarthquake}}
|M3P6={{m|FocusIce BlastBeam}}
On Platinum, However, I haveused aPokémon LUCARIOthat inaren't favourjust ofground DUSKNOIRtypes. You see, I hadkept a LUCARIO on my team in PearlTORTERRA, but when my RIOLU egg hatched, it turned out female,GLISCOR and I wanted a team of all males, and Pearl's LUCARIO wasMAMOSWINE male. I tried re-breeding, but LUCARIO didn't get along with my DITTO, so I instead just transferred LUCARIO acrossthough. Here's its stats;tothers.
An I also sent across a buffed up YANMEGA over GARDEVOIR. Yayz.
|M3P1={{m|Bug Buzz}}
|M4P1={{m|Giga Impact}}
|LV1=Lv. 100
|HI1=[[Sea Incense]]
|M2P1={{m|Rock Smash}}
*There is a LUCARIO in favour of DUSKNOIRDONPHAN.
*There is a YANMEGA in favour of GARDEVOIRHIPPOWDON.
*There is a GOLDUCK in favour of SWAMPERT
*All of my Pearl members ar Lv. 100, Platinum stated otherwise.
*All Pokémon now Male.
*In Platinum, I decided to [[Evolution|evolve]] PSYDUCK.
*YANMEGA knows {{m|Focus Blast}} over (forgotten).
*GOLDUCK knows Dig over Defog.
*MAMOSWINE knows Rock Climb over Ice Beam
*MAMOSWINE currently knows {{m|AncientPowerRock Slide}}, but will Learnover Hyper Beam.
*GLISCOR knows Fire Fang over Dig.
*TORTERRA knows {{m|Crunch}} over Rock Climb.
*TORTERRA knows {{m|RazorLeaf LeafStorm}} currently, but will learnover Frenzy Plant.
*YANMEGA holds a King's Rock, over Focus Sash.
*GLISCOR holds a [[Smoke Ball]] over [[Cleanse Tag]]
*GOLDUCK holds an [[Amulet Coin]] over a Sea Incense.
*TORTERRA holds a [[Quick Claw]] over Choice Specs.