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After they reach the outside of the tent, they are brought down a cliff to the ground on a lower level to begin their "Friends Forever Course." They are met by James barely in disguise, who tells Ash and co. to release all their Pokémon. James then tells them to do "Comprehensive Calisthenics" to establish Pokémon synchronicity. He then raises flags and maneuvers them into various postures. He then asks the {{pkmn|Trainers}} and their Pokémon to move into the two circles, trainers in the white cirle, and Pokémon in the red circle, directly to the right. Piloswine has to be pushed by Piplup as it still refuses to move. James then continues and forms a ball form. As everyone crouches down to do the same, {{MTR}} and Jessie (watching nearby atop the cliff) activates a hole beneath the trainer's circle (but unlike the usual holes, this one was very short and easy to climb out of). Then a part of the cliff opens with a cage appearing and trapping the Pokémon. Team Rocket then recite their usual [[Team Rocket mottos|motto]]. Their balloon then rises, lifing the cage with the help of twin motors. Ash and co. then command their Pokémon to attach the cage bars, without success. But the electric charge of {{OP|Dawn|Pachirisu}}'s {{m|Discharge}} jolts Piloswine, whom begins shaking the cage about, lowering the balloon and eventually crashing it. Jessie and James then call out {{OP|Jessie|Yanmega}} and {{OP|James|Carnivine}} (who again begins chewing on James's head) to attack the Pokémon within the cage. But after a direct hit from Yanmega's {{m|Silver Wind}}, Piloswine begins to evolve (into {{OP|Dawn|Mamoswine}}). The mere size of Mamoswine is enough to break the cage. Jessie and James begin directing their attacks at Mamoswine, who uses Ice Shard to freeze them, and blasts them away again with Take Down. It then begins charging at Ash and co. Piplup then attempts to stop Mamoswine, failing again. But then Dawn is able to have Mamoswine return to its [[Poké Ball]] before being hit. She then ponders of whether she will ever be able to control Mamoswine, but is reassured by Ash and Brock.
Back at the Pokémon Center, [[Nurse Joy]] then announces to Ash that [[Byron]] has returned to his [[Canalave Gym|gym}}]], who was absent when Ash previously came. Ash and his Pokémon excitement increases as they become anxious to get their sixth badge.
==Major events==