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Ash is training on the battlefield for his sixth badge, but as Dawn calls out Piloswine, it refuses to obey her commands, though she dismisses this in the beginning careless. She commands her Piloswine to use Takedown, though it uses dig to hide underground. Piplup volunteers to retrieve Piloswine, and manages to get it above ground. Brock suggests that it might just be hunger. Therefore Dawn gives it Poffins. But after she stops Piloswine charges at her for more, whilst knocking Piplup out of the way. Dawn and Ash begin running, as Piloswine charges and attacks them. Gliscor volunteers to help but is ignored by Ash as he commands Grotle to help. Grotle stands ground while being half-frozen with Ice Shard. Ash then calls forth Gliscor to use Screech. Gliscor manages to get partially frozen, but the ice melts away as it uses Fire Fang (which is then used to free Grotle). Piplup is again catapulted by the rampaging Piloswine and is saved by Gliscor. Then Brock calls out Happiny to stop Piloswine dead in its tracks with its unusual strength. Ash suggests to have a battle with Piloswine.
As Piloswine and Grotle battle, Piloswine constantly refuses to listen to Dawn's attacks and attacks on its own, revealing that it is able to use Ancient PowerAncientPower. Suddenly an aroma sweeps by Mamoswine, causing it to rampage out of the battle to the scent. It is revealed that the scent is from Team Rocket's spongecake. As they are about to eat, they are hit with Piloswine's Ice shard and blasted away. Ash and co. catches up with it, and calms it down.
Back at the Pokémon Center, Dawn sadly ponders over her problems with Piloswine, wondering how it will be able to compete in the contest. She is comforted by Ash and Brock, reassuring her to be calm and that they would become buddies. Spying behind a window, Team Rocket realize that it was Dawn's Piloswine, and create another scheme to stage. Inside, Jessie and James, dressed as "punks" become excited over a poster for Pokémon Friendship School, making sure to catch the group's attention. Dawn then realizes that the school can help her and Piloswine become closer.