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A poisoned Pokémon loses 1/8 of its maximum hit points every turn (in [[Generation I]], it loses 1/16). {{type2|Poison}} Pokémon cannot be poisoned. {{type2|Steel}} Pokémon cannot be poisoned in [[Generation III]] and beyond (in [[Generation II]], unless a {{type2|PoisonSteel}} movestype can'tPokemon affectis hit by {{type2m|SteelTwineedle}} and {{m|Secret Power}}s.
A poisoned Pokémon also loses 1 hit point for every four steps taken while not in battle. In [[Generation IV]], a Pokémon whose HP is reduced to 1 via poison outside of battle will have the poison status removed. All [[List of moves that poison|moves that can poison]] are of the Poison-type except {{m|Twineedle}} and {{m|Secret Power}}.