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Pelipper (Pokémon)

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In the anime: Image of Pelliper appearing to use flamethrower; pic of what was already mentioned in this article about "You said a mouthful" episode happening. (Pic preview uses wrong site?)
Pelipper first appeared in ''[[EP274|Hoenn Alone!]].
[[Image:Pelipper-Flamethrower.png|left|thumb|'''Pelipper''' appears to use [[flamethrower]]]]In ''[[AG010|You Said a Mouthful]]'', a {{pkmn|Trainer}} named {{ho|Anthony}} has a Pelipper that he used to challenge other trainers to battle it in an unofficial gym. Anthony was a cheater because he stuffed a bunch of Poké Balls with small Pokémon in them into the Pelipper's bill.
[[Georgio]] owns a Pelipper that he used to send a letter to [[Misty]] and chase [[Butch]] and [[Cassidy]] in ''[[H011|A Date With Delcatty]]''.