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Shared hints
* ''[[AG141|Hail to the Chef]]''
: Jessie and James were seen asleep on a bed with the covers partly over them. Jessie was sleeping on top of James.
* ''[[DP117|Noodles: Roamin' Off]]''
: When a {{shiny2}} {{p|Metagross}} was about to kill Jessie and James, James smiled sweetly at Jessie and said that life wasn't a waste because he spent it with good friends. Jessie agreed and said that if there were another world after they die, they'd meet again there. James agreed to that, smiled, and no longer looked afraid.
* [[DP133]]
: One image from their motto shows Jessie and James on a set of scales with a pink heart symbol on it, seemingly at balance despite it swinging slightly.
* ''[[It's a White Tomorrow, Team Rocket!]]
: When Jessie, James and [[Mondo]] are about to be attacked by a hoard of {{p|Beedrill}}, they recite the lines of a famous {{wp|Kabuki}} scene when two lovers do a double suicide.