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Generation I

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The '''first generation''' of Pokémon games, often known as the '''color generation''' due to the names of the [[version]]s released, was the first set of Pokémon games to be released. The generation consists of [[Pokémon Red and Green Versions|Pokémon Red, Green]], {{v2|Blue| (Japanese)}}, and {{v2|Yellow}} on the [[Game Boy]] and two [[Pokémon Stadium series|Pokémon Stadium]] games for the [[Nintendo 64]] in Japan, and {{game2|Red|Blue|Yellow}} on the Game Boy and only {{eng|Pokémon Stadium}} on the Nintendo 64 in the rest of the world.
It may be contemporaneous with [[Generation III]], as revealed by details in {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s|the later remakes}} of the games, and occursmay occur three years before both [[Generation II]] and [[Generation IV]].